Most orgasms in a 24 hour period – Anyone know?

So I got curious and I found this, but it doesn't really count to my mind because… well he was alone. That just makes him the world's biggest wanker. Literally.

I did wander what the most number of orgasms is with another person actually having sex or at least making each other come.


So far my personal best at age 19 or 20* has now been overtaken. And that is with a damn work-day getting in the way.

Now of course for a woman the number can basically be anything, because whatever God didn't give them in terms of being able to do logic, he neurally implanted in their pussies so they could have multiple orgasms and scream his/her name all night long.

But for a guy there is a physiological limit. We actually produce enough matter to light up a city each time we orgasms. That's some hard work.


And no I do not count that whole Yogic having an orgasm without ejaculating. What the hell is the fun in that.

I mean…it's just nicer to plaster the girl inside and out and write your name in cum on her skin. Besides, they like it too.


So without bullshit or bragging I wonder what the real number is. So far for me it's 9. But I still have ah hour or so when I get home to see if I can make it a round 10. If she's in.**

But that's with me going on 3-4 hours sleep a night for the last 3 weeks and a not inconsiderable amount of other crap going on in my life. I reckon if I go on holiday with her, rest up a bit first, eat well and just am chilled out I see no reason why I couldn't get to 20 honestly. That is unless she gets burned out. Though I have to say this girl seems particularly resilient.


I'm not obsessed with the record/number thing. Just curious. I only sort of realised it because she made me aware of it and then I realised hey…that whole thing about libido dropping off as you get older…it's all bullshit. Up to now anyway it seems to have not changed at all for me. In fact if anything I feel healthier than when I was in my 20s and exercise wise I can go longer and do more now, with less sleep and in worse environmetal conditions than back then too. So I am not sure how that works. Personally I put it down to mentally/spiritually being also a lot tougher and more evolved and that carries through I think.

Anyway…if any of you know the answer to the title question let me know will you. I will have to accept anecdotal "evidence" since this is really the only kind anyone's ever likely to get, but I'd appreciate you guys (and girls) being honest.

My curiosity always did get me in trouble. This should really be a neighbourhood only post but…I really am curious. Oh well.***


At least I know I have enough charge in the zap gun…


* In my defense: I did pull a muscle in my leg which made it really difficult/painful to move/walk. So I would say it was a stoppage of play due to injury.

 ** She was in. And I am certain that although in this instance it went over the 24 hour period I should be able to get to 11 at least.

*** Well, no responses, so I'm making it neighbourhood only and see if giving you people some kind of anonymity gets you to leave a comment. And in the interest of adding to this research I have discovered by asking people at least one other guy who did manage 10 times in 24 hours, though it was when he was about 19-20 as well. Girls… tell us your views…science needs your help!

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16 Responses to Most orgasms in a 24 hour period – Anyone know?

  1. well, you don't want to know my record. it's sickening. even women are blown away. and I was by myself…so does that count?

  2. MexicanRobot says:

    I feel kinda sorry for that guy.,, LoL…

  3. G says:

    I want to know all!
    But women can sorta cheat because well:
    1. You can actually have a condition that makes you pretty much come anytime anything happens at all like say…blinking and…
    2. You don't produce sperm. Given the average cumshot is 5ml (5ml?!?! what kind of undernourished Ethiopian cumshot is that?? 5ml is a teaspoon. Either google needs updating or I should be a porn star. But I digress…) and Einstein's E=mc2 which means for every gram of matter we are essentially responsible for enough energy to feed 26,000 people for a year if you could convert it to calories that could be used by a human body, the fact is with every cumshot…energetically speaking in raw physics terms I light up London.
    Not to mention some pretty girl's face too πŸ™‚

    But anyway..yes…we want to know!!

  4. G says:

    hey if you comment on this post you sorta kinda need to give us your "number" πŸ™‚
    Yours and/or your mostest: friend/fuck-buddy/co-worker/wife/husband/significant other/stranger you really were impressed by/whatever

  5. so I feel like I need to defend myself, especially with MexicanRobot who doesn't even know me (and I'm a woman asshole, not a "guy"). How's 25 for you (roughly?) by myself that is, and only because I think a man would get bored with my multiples so I kinda just keep that to 5 with them. Don't you know Brookstone makes the best vibrators?Now because of the tamoxifen I have to take as a part of my surviving regime, that drug has drastically changed my output. I'm lucky to have 3 now, but I'm grateful to experience any. I feel proactive in my survivorship and it seems most men I am with are "pleased" with themselves for the few i have, and they don't even know about the tamoxifen!

  6. G says:

    Ah…I think she was referring to the guy in my post I added a link to…the world record holder for wanking…and not you.
    Talk about being a little defensive eh? πŸ™‚

  7. ya, eeks. silly. women tend to get defensive when you are always defending your position to the world.

  8. G says:

    What (or whom?) do you feel you have to defend your position from exactly?
    Me…unless there's lead flying I recon I can argue my position for fun and because I like to cause mild arrythmia in people, but otherwise, unless I am entertaining myself that way I don't feel the need to defend any of the things I do/think/feel.

  9. Wow… ten times!? I think I would actually die. Or at least get a UTI and have to drink cranberry juice non stop. But I'm prone to getting UTI's when I have a new boyfriend anyway. I call it the new boyfriend disease.Personally by myself, I don't even know. Lots. Which I think is true for most women (for reasons already outlined above by other people).With a partner? I don't count but it can't be that many. Most times for him in a 24-hour period is something lame (compared to you people) like 5. Which DID give me a UTI, btw!

  10. G says:

    In my experience a UTI is generally the result of low autoimmune system defences. With your hours/lifestyle it doesn't surprise me. Also…this girl's …"ecosystem" is just so friendly to me (in so many ways) that we're both really comfortable at even the microbiological level πŸ™‚
    As you girls no doubt know pussy-juice is basically acidic, and in one instance, with one particular girl, after only one encounter (or maybe it was two, I don't recall but anyway, one night together which did not include the 3-5 times a night for first night together routine) the next day (by which time she'd left) I had a whole skin-peeling effect that made me think the most important part of my anatomy was about to completely fall off in a matter of hours. Now we'd had the whole STD conversation/tests thing (her mother was a giny so you'd think it would be safer than safe! Live and learn…) Well anyway after a panicked trip to the clinic there was absolutely nothing wrong with me, except that her pussy was basically from Venus (you know…a 400 degree atmosphere of sulphuric acid). I still played with her after that but carefully and I had to basically rinse immediately after or risk another peeling. Maybe she was just a bit caustic at life though, cause after a few days we were fine and it wasn't as marked a situation. I figure all the orgasms made her a happier, sweeter person πŸ™‚ Luckily no penises were permanently damaged in this exercise.

  11. MexicanRobot says:

    Ok, so if I wanted to talk to you, I would have replied to you, but I didn't, I was talking about the guy from the link.
    Anyways, I don't want to fight about this because we're talking about sex, and sex is good. So uhmm… no I wasn't talking about you, sorry if you felt offended.

  12. MexicanRobot says:

    Well… I never imagined people would count how many orgasms they can have in one day, I've never done that before so I don't know.

  13. G says:

    Well you know…ball-park figures…closer to 5 or 50? πŸ™‚

  14. MexicanRobot says:

    prob twice everytime i do it.

  15. G says:

    That's what we call untapped potential πŸ™‚

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