South African Crime Statistics 1990-2009

South African Murders between 1990 to 2009 are in excess of 370,000 by the most conservative estimates.

The South African Police Services (SAPS) currently only make statistics available for 2003 to 2009, but this is not news, they had a moratorium on statistics shortly after the change of government in the early 90s. Despite this, if one is willing to dig around, some information can be dug up from the old SAPS statistics that used to exist previously, as well as the INTERPOL figures (now no longer available to the public, but the old figures at least until 2001 or 2002 can still be found).

References for where the figures comes from is at the end of this post, but a single place that has a good overall view, and lists all their references (from official bodies) is available here if you are interested in doing at least some of your own research.


By the MOST conservative official figures provided by the SAPS during this period the total number of murders is 377,465 for the 19 year period 1990 to 2009. This averages to just under 20,000 murders a year for every year (19,867).

But the SAPS figures are grossly under reported as evidenced by other official bodies of the South African Government, such as the Home Affairs Department and The Medical Research Council, which both record causes of death separately from the politically influenced SAPS. The real figures according to these bodies are roughly estimated to be between 30-55% higher.

Interpol puts the figures at sometimes up to 100% higher. The total number of murders in South Africa for the period 1990 to 2009 if using Interpol figures for 5 of the years (only available for the years 1995 to 1999 and then separately for 2001) and SAPS figures for the remaining 14 years come to a total of 528,791 murders for the period. An average of a bit less than 30,000 murders a year (27,831).

Let’s be conservative and take a middle road approach and put the total number of murders for the period at 453,128, the exact mid-point between these two figures, equating to 23,849 murders a year, EVERY YEAR, FOR 19 YEARS IN A ROW.


By contrast, the total number of deaths due to the Bosnian war, which lasted from march 1992 to November 1995 and included instances of ethnic cleansing, carpet bombing and mass graves, has wildly fluctuating estimates, but these range from as low as 25,000 to as high as 329,000. Both of these figures are obviously wrong. The best estimate as a result of population census in 2003 is under 150,000 (more like 105,000 or about 25,000 per year).

This includes deaths from all causes, including things like poor conditions, disease and wounding or exposure as indirect results of the war, so is not limited to pure casualties of direct violence.

So a war zone that lasted the better part of 4 years could only do something less than a  quarter the death toll due to violent crime that the “peaceful and democratic” country of South Africa did in 19 years. In other words, a comparable figure of deaths in a war zone when YOU INCLUDE DEATHS FROM NON-DIRECT VIOLENCE IN THE WAR ZONE.

In other words, death by violent crime in South Africa outstrips death by direct military action (inclusive of civilians) in a war zone that included actions of ethnic cleansing (mass genocide) and carpet bombing. And has done so, year on year, for 19 years in a row. Why is this not discussed in the world media?


Now I ask you: Just how “peaceful” and “democratic” and “successful” do you think the new non-apartheid government has been for its people? Please keep in mind that the deaths are generally disproportionately slanted towards the non-white population by representation. In other words, the biggest number of victims are non-white and the biggest number of perpetrators are also non-white, both groups being over-represented for their representation as a race in the country.







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Landing on a Swamp planet with a low Zap Gun Charge

And needing to find the Kirrillian crystals to get your spaceship back into flight mode. That’s what navigating the whole wordpress sphere of life is like.

Notwithstanding the fact I have another blog I update regularly which is a wordpress theme too, but that’s customised and pretty idiot proof. While here….oh…I can do lots of idiot things.

So I will use this blog as a kind of test-kit for learning about wordpress. Achieved today after only one hour of headscratching, nit-picking and nostril exploring, I have learnt how to add my old VOX friends to my blogroll!

But I am exhausted by the effort and so far XWH is the only one that makes it on there. You guys will come later.

I also learnt how to add the categories and I semi-plan to have a whole category of for fraudsters, assholes and scammers. Thinking I will use this to zap the scam artists of the world possibly from time to time. What do you vox people think?

I will also play with themes a bit…so if everything screws up…it’s just me touching a dial on the control panel of the alien craft I find myself in.

The life of  a Martian is a difficult one readers. I curse the infestation of a thousand sand-worms in the ass of all things sixapart for collapsing Vox in such a callous manner.

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Wow – Can I call them or what?

So Vox decides to die all of a sudden with only 27 days for you to move everything over to Typepad. Not that they actually sent you an e-mail or anything to warn you, so if you don’t log in for 3 weeks, you lose all your material anyway.

Except that even if you do log in and try to shift it all to Typepad, Typepad is (like Vox) also a sixapart product and so it sucks and you can’t actually import all your Vox posts to it. Because it doesn’t really work. So here we are with good old WordPress.

Sixapart should just be shot by the general internet as a whole. They have always sucked and they always invariably collapse. Vox is not the first blogging platform that sixapart has just collapsed out of the blue with little to no warning. There was an earlier one (called just sixapart) which they just smothered in the cot. And given the export function of Typepad doesn’t even work after they supposedly “tested it” and that it is mostly a paying platform, all I can say is that sixapart is a really terrible company. They do PR like raw sewage running in the streets does clean tap-water.
Luckily I had already decide to jump ship, but it seems just in time. This blog is my full export of the old Vox one because I’m kind of nostalgic about my little foray into the blogosphere that started some 3 years ago now. As I am sure are all of you. So go on and export your blogs, I’d hate to lose touch with you guys. Mine will be here.

Apart from archiving my old Vox posts, this blog will tend to have more personal aspects of my life which would not make sense to a larger audience on my blog, which is now my main one (see below).

Of course with privacy settings no longer really available basically some of us will have seemingly very short blogs…(Hi WH!) and others will decide to spill it all, all over the net 🙂 (moi)

Stay in touch you guys, and don’t forget I have a more permanent home here:

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Hasta la Vista Baby!

Ok people, you have all no doubt noticed that this blog has been relatively quiet over the last few months. But there was a reason you see…and I am finally ready to reveal all! It was all in preparation of my brand spanking New Blog!

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to present to you…

You can find this masterpiece of modern writing and entertainment at


This Vox blog was originally begun as an experiment in self-exposure really. I wanted to see how I felt about putting myself out there on the web so to speak, and after more than 3 years and telling you three stray dogs and the two Inuit people that log in here everything from my sexcapades to joys and misfortunes, I feel I have learnt enough to venture out there and do a better job of it.

With any luck the new blog will be more entertaining, certainly more useful and one added advantage over the Vox blog is that it will allow comments from anyone, even if they are not Vox bloggers, there is a captcha screen for comments but if i got it right you only have to fill that in the first time you comment, after that it should allow you to just go ahead.

There is enough content on there to keep you busy for a while, mainly:

  • More information about Hypnosis and Hypnotic processes than you can shake a stick at (including the murderous roots of NLP)
  • All my various Hypnotic Services, which I am now going to do on a more full-time basis than I have in the past, each of which is presented in an entertaining enough manner to not just be your usual boring commercial site, which this is not, it is primarily my blog.
  • More information about the minutia of my life than you ever got here, including my hobbies, information on the type of work I do and other stuff I have done or am busy with and there is even a picture of a naked ex-girlfriend for the perverts among you (that'll be all of you then) and don't worry, she's cool with it. And so is Redhead Girl. 

The new Blog will be updated religiously once a week. Every Monday (sometimes Sunday night) you will have a brand new entry for your amusement and so as to take the edge off the start of your working week. In time I will bump this to two posts a week but as I am also completing another full book, revising a second and finishing a third, I am pretty wrote-out by the end of each day.

The site has a lot of information, some tucked away into a corner and other more obvious, but this is not a coincidence, I hope you will enjoy exploring the new site as it's been designed with an attitude from another era. An era when men were resourceful, heroic and capable, and women appreciative, free to express themselves and scantily clad.

What you say? No such era existed?
Welcome to my world Earthling.
I am starting to take over, and it will never be the same again.

Please do go over and bookmark it and leave a comment so I know you made the switch. (This will also prevent you from being sold as a pet to neighbouring alien races when the takeover is complete!)
Quite a few Voxers have left, but those who have started new blogs I keep on following (Patricia, Lea, and a couple of others who are in hiding blog-wise) so I hope you will all do the same. Some of you have become as close to me as real life friends, and I'd hate to lose touch.

PS: This Blog will continue to exist (so that I can still comment on your blogs as well) but will only be updated very sporadically and even then probably only for neighbourhood only when I have something that may be fit only for the eyes of that Inuit group you belong to.

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And Now Robo Cop Armour

When I first got back from hospital I still had all the EEG electrodes stuck to me, as you can see above. I guess the nurses just forgot to remove them. They didn't give me a sponge bath either. Bitches.*
Not surprising really since I removed my own IV intubation bit as well.

After they transported me to the ward, they left the saline solution I was attached to just lying on the bed with me. When I mentioned that maybe it would be a good idea to have that elevated on an IV stand so the juice was going into me instead of me going into the bag, they just did away with it. Considering they then also didn't feed me this was not ideal since I really needed some liquids. Luckily I did get water though. Anyway, they left the intubation in but it was very badly attached so I asked for some tape to stick it down properly. They apparently had nothing better than a weird packing tape thing and the job they did on it would have got your ass fired right away from say UPS on a low priority parcel.

I even texted Redhead Girl to bring me some plasters cause at this time I was not sure how long I'd be in there and if they'd need to suddenly pump some weird drugs into me or not. As it turns out after a hellish night of no sleep I just removed the damn thing and chucked it into the little bin-bag they gave us.

The positive thing about being hooked up to a heart monitor every couple of hours if not more often is that I was able to verify that my heart rate throughout the stay in the hospital was between 59 and 63. Which is pretty good.

Anyway, after a week on the Manga Armour my foot began to hurt and it turned purple as soon as I put it down from its elevated position. When I went back tot the hospital they cut me out of it with some weird sonic saw thing, just like Vicola mentioned in one of my previous comments and then gave me a Robo-Cop boot. It has its own air-pump. And it allows me to get around quite a lot better.

It will still be months according to the docs before I can kick like a mule again, but I am doing my damnest to foil them and heal faster.

Today marks one month exactly since they operated on me. According to them I have at least another 5 months of recovery to do in the best of cases. And everyone I talk to that had this injury (I am literally tracking people down to ask them and researching like a madman on the net) tells me the same.

You read it here first my loyal followers. I shall prove the Earthling doctors wrong I say.
I mean to be back on my feet at the very least a month earlier than that.
So far I am actually about 3 weeks ahead of schedule because I should have been in the Robo-Cop boot only in another two weeks although only for a further 4 weeks. After which physio and crutches would have been the way to go. For the next 4-5 months according to them.

In view of this I should be in the boot until after the first week of September, after which only then would physio commence in earnest.
I plan to be out of it sooner than that and I have begun my own form of physio in a very mild way.

I am also looking at some weird and even experimental processes to heal faster, although I am not doing anything stupid. The reason you see…is I have most definitely to be able to be on my feet and no longer a cripple by the end of this year.

And in the next post or two…I shall finally reveal all. In a post that will shake up this here little blog in an unalterable way. Yes Earthlings…my plans for world domination have begun in earnest. So. In the meantime….
Take a look at this armoured boot. Remember it well Earthlings.

* I jest. If you have read my hospital diary entries, you'll know I liked my hottie nurses. They were all cool really. Except for the Congolese farmer one that made her patients shit all over the place. And didn't bring me piss bottles. At least she was funny. You know…now…when I am out of there.

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Manga Armour!


I am now on the third cast. The first one was the pre-operation one they basically put me in for a day and a half before I had surgery. The big black arrow on the knee in permanent marker is so the surgeon knows which leg to operate on.
I kid you not. And I know this is necessary because my ex-wife who had a popped spinal disk and required an epidural injection received it on the wrong side of her spine. So yeah…comforting. But anyway the op went well and apparently the surgeon did a good job too from what I can tell.

The second cast was the post-op one and the interesting thing about this one was that when I went in for the check up and got the third cast, the nurse who did the cast started off by saying:
"Oh my…they really didn't trust you I guess, look at how heavy this thing is…" And indeed it was a bit of a mechanoid type of plaster cast that threatened to dislodge my knee with its weight.

The third cast, which I got a couple of days ago….is not really a cast. It's more like the stuff I am going to build my laser reflective suit for space-travel out of!
It's made with this resin-tape and comes in different colours…Redhead Girl was pushing hard for fluorescent pink, but I managed to get bright red (they didn't have luminous green) Anyway, the stuff is like magic!
It's really light and TOUGH. I plan to buy a few crates of resin-tape and make my own samurai armour or something. the stuff is just too cool!

I have no idea how they will take it off without using a power saw.

Oh…and I guess my own self-hypnosis and medical opinions are working, cause I am 2 weeks ahead of schedule and in a couple of weeks they will put me in a removable cast already, which wasn't supposed to happen for another 4 weeks.

So good news all round really.

Oh and a friend from training is gonna send me Zap gun parts! I already have the laser for it, and the all essential Frappulator coil and at least one Bronze Barrel, though I wanted a fatter one, so if he can get me the pistol grip and the trigger guards I want…I am soon going to astound you with my brand new zap gun.

I tell you Earthlings…It's all coming together…it's only a matter of time before I find the spaceship now!

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Ghana WON!

They were just robbed of it by yet another hand-balling, cheating scum in white and blue.
Ghana is now my official team. They played well, positioning was brilliant, they played fair and and considering the level of pay/training/facilities and so on that they have compared to the other world cup teams, not to mention how they "lost" the game against Uruguay, they are the moral victors of this World Cup as far as I'm concerned.

And I loved Kingson. That goalie never lost focus throughout the whole game and he was always in the right place at the right time. To lose on penalty shoot-outs like that after that hand-ball was just heart-breaking.

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